Let's Create a Life that Sparkles!

My name is Erika Michelle and I am a New York to North Carolina transplant and Mommy of a precious little seven year old boy named Asher.

The Feliity Bee

Here at The Felicity Bee, I want to help you create a life that sparkles from the inside-out . . . Lives that are full of FELICITY, peace, purpose and passion.

* I want to help you create a home that is full of beauty and peace.

* I want to help you to create a healthy life that is full of fun!

* I want to help strengthen your faith. 

* I want to give you the tools you need to make your life shine!

The Felicity Bee

What's in a name?


The word FELICITY means the quality or state of great happiness. It can mean happiness, joy, joyousness, BLISS, DELIGHT, cheerfulness, CONTENTEDNESS, satisfaction, pleasure.

I want to live a life full of FELICITY - full of contentment, (Philippians 4:11-13) full of joy (Nehemiah 8:10) full of pleasure, (Psalm 37:4) and full of bliss. (Proverbs 17:22)


My childhood nickname was BEE. My dad originated the name and it has stuck these thirty-something years. But at this stage in my life, it is more than just a name. Mary Kay Ash is quoted to have said,

"Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway."

Whether that is true or not, I will not argue here. Let's leave that to the scientists. I do remember reading that the bumblebee's wings are to small for it's body so the sheer fact that the bee can fly is a miracle.

I have had many seasons where I have been so pressured and weighed down by the good and the bad of life, but my little wings keep flapping and through it all . . . I fly!

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And so can you! Through the ups and downs, when you were down and out, when the world was weighing you down, when things were so good you couldn't comprehend . . . you continued to fly! And you, my friend, are a miracle!

May we take this journey together as we discover that we can all be FELICITY BEE'S journeying through life being content, happy, full of bliss, joy, and satisfaction . . . with a touch of sparkle!

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The Felicity Bee