E-Journal * LOVING EACH OTHER WELL * Inscribe the Word Couples Journal

E-Journal * LOVING EACH OTHER WELL * Inscribe the Word Couples Journal

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The Inscribe the Word E-Journal for Couples is a Scripture Writing and Prayer Journal that you and your partner can do together.  

Inscribing or writing the word has become such an important part of my Bible study. The practice of Scripture Writing allows me to focus on the Word without distraction. It focuses me to quiet my heart and mind to see the Lord, and it has taught me how to hear His voice more clearly. Spending fifteen minutes a day copying the Word of God has led me to speak more confidently, write more freely, and bless others. 

The LOVING EACH OTHER WELL E-Journals are designed for couples to study the Word of God together. They have 28 days of Scripture passages for you both to print and write in your own journals. Each day, you both have the same passage, a place to write what you are thankful for, and an area to express why you love each other and how you plan to love each other well.

These journals have been created for you and the love of your life to grow closer to the Lord as you INSCRIBE The Lord's words on your hearts. At the end of the twenty eight days, exchange journals, and read the special things you wrote to each other, and how the Word of God has propelled you to love each other more deeply. 

There is plenty of room in the margins for the artistic among us (which I am not LOL)! Feel free to add stickers, color, design, whatever you enjoy. You will get two journal files with your purchase. The man's journal is designed with a more masculine feel. The woman's journal is more feminine in nature. 

Here is to loving each other well!

Size: This is a digital E-Journal. You will not receive a physical product. Your E-Journal will be sent via download. You will have a separate PDF file for the female journal and a PDF file for the male journal

You can print out this Ebook using a standard printer.

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