Me and my husband steven. 

Me and my husband steven. 

the best thing that has ever happened to me. My son, asher. 

the best thing that has ever happened to me. My son, asher. 

I started The Felicity Bee to help me deal with the pain of divorce and finding God's redeeming love through that dark season. I had no idea how God would use this "Hive" on the internet to encourage so many others to live a life that sparkles. I had no idea how different my life would look now compared to when I started. I had no idea the connections I would make.

But I did know, that God can make beauty from ashes, and that is exactly what He did. 

There is just something about the name of Jesus that causes the lame to leap and the deaf to hear. That name causes the blind to see, and the dead to live again. I have a great passion for this man called Jesus. From the time I was a little girl, everything I put my hands to were to honor Him.

I cannot tell you ABOUT ME . . . without telling you . . . ABOUT HIM.

I began playing the piano at age five and learned what it means to worship Him.

I started in the theater at age twelve and learned how to be a light for others to see Him through me.

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Music Education and my Master's degree in Writing and Literature and discovered how to teach the youth of our generation about His love while working in the public schools system for over ten years.

I have been in church ministry from the time I was fifteen years old and learned to strengthen His church. 

I opened a non-profit community theater and have run a successful business where I learned how to not compromise and how to bring glory to His name through my businesses.


He is my beginning and my end. Everything I write, sing, preach, and speak is to bring honor, blessing, and glory to His name.

As a result, He has directed my every path. He even held my hands through a marriage that wasn't His will. He gave me grace through my guilt & shame over a divorce that was never in my childhood dreams, and He blessed even the failure of my marriage, with a little boy who is the joy of my life.   I know God's redemption, forgiveness, and grace because of that experience. I am grateful that Asher's father and I co-parent beautifully and have remained good friends. Only God can heal a heart enough for that to happen!

I have learned through the pain, ups, downs, highs, lows, strength, weakness, mountains, and valleys of life . . . that when you are hand in hand with the man JESUS, you can rule and reign in life. It may not look like the life you imagined as a little girl, but you can REIGN and RULE in this life when you are following in the path of the KING of kings. 


Some Fun Facts . . . 

My cute little cinderella. I call her "cindy".

My cute little cinderella. I call her "cindy".

I have an adorable Maltese named, Cinderella.

I live in Eastern North Carolina. I am originally from Long Island, New York. CULTURE SHOCK!

I only wear wigs. After numerous surgeries and genetics, my natural hair is shot. So you may see me in a variety of hair styles. I am honest to say . . . all wigs! LOL

I have performed twice in Carnegie Hall.

I am a trained singer and pianist. I have been playing the piano since I was five years old.

Worship is my first love.

I am Italian.

I love "Friends" and "Frazier" and watch on repeat!


My favorite Broadway lyric is from Les Miserables ... "To love another person is to see the face of God."

I am an extreme introvert. My Myers Briggs is ISFJ.

Jesus has kept me.