100 Women . . . How to Have a Purposeful Summer.

Living a Purposeful Summer

In May I started a series called “100 Women”. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 tells us to encourage and build each other up.  This is my purpose behind “100 Women”. 

I want to encourage and build each other up through life experiences, advice, wisdom, strength, support, and love. I want to get rid of what our culture seemingly teaches us . . . to embrace competition and jealousy rather than community and support. I want to learn to THRIVE; together with like-minded sisters.

You can read more about “100 Women” and how to be a part here.


It’s summertime! The kids are out of school. The days are warm and breezy. Vacations, cookouts, beach trips, and pool days are on our “to-do” lists. It’s a great time of year.

If you are like me, though, you usually end summer with “I wish I did more. I wish I had more fun. I wish it wasn’t over. I wish . . . I wish . . . I wish.”

This year, I determined in my heart to make summer more purposeful. I am really focused on the word THRIVE lately. The idea of thriving (flourishing/prospering) in life is hitting me hard these days. 

God didn’t call us just to survive life. He didn’t call us to sit in the passenger seat of “summertime” with the car going 100 mph as we desperately stare out the window trying to capture the memories. God called us to a thriving life. One where we can enjoy life, enjoy all He has given us (nature, family, children, hubby, friends). He has called us to live fully. 

This summer, I asked 100 WOMEN. . . . 

What advice would you give your best friend to have a purposeful and meaningful summer?

Their advice inspired me to keep THRIVING and keep living with PURPOSE. I hope they bless you as you embrace the easy, breezy . . . . SUMMERTIME!

April, 40.  Pray, read the Bible/devotionals daily, get active in a church, and be an example to those around you.

Living a purposeful summer.

Aileen, 27.  Pack a picnic, go with your honey, and watch the sunset somewhere special.

Amanda, 44.  Read that list of books you’ve been putting off for a while.

Amber, 35.  Open your eyes to God's beauty, live in the moment, and guard your heart.

Amy, 45.  Bless someone else with a dinner, movie tickets, lunch, or a gift to let them know how much they mean to you.

Andrea, 37.  Live in the moment.

Barbara, 46.  Limit your kids TV time. Summer is about being outside and having fun. You can’t do that in front of the TV.

Beth, 30.  Give God your summer by starting each day with prayer, asking him what he has for you to learn and who he has for you to serve.

Beth, 35.  Memorize the Fruits of the Spirit (if you haven't already), then look for evidence of them around you & cultivate them in your own faith journey

Bethany, 44.  Finish an entire month of INSCRIBE THE WORD, and make sure to stay in the Word during the busy summer days.

Betsy, 68.  Study the Proverbs 31 Woman, and try to emulate her in your everyday. Pick one or two traits at a time.

Living a Purposeful Life.

Catherine, 48.  Spend time with your friends before the busyness of school sets in. BBQ’s, block parties, and great conversation!

Chana, 55.  Sweet sister ... make a regular time to have a quiet moment with God everyday so you can hear him in all the clutter of summer.

Christa, 47.  Let's spend our summer not wasting a minute on comparison, but instead making a careful exploration of the work God designed US to do and enjoy

Christy, 42. Step back from the screens to spend time looking into God's Word and the faces of those you love. 

Cindy, 45.  Experience GOD through nature. GOD created a beautiful amazing world!

Claudine, 43.  Put God first in everything you do. Continue to pray read and praise. Enjoy your time with Him and make time for your family.

Cynthia, 38.  Let the kids put on a play in the backyard. Make popcorn, create tickets, and invite friends and family to come and watch.

Diane, 69.  Every morning get out of bed and say "Here I am Lord, how can I serve You today?"  

Diane, 62.  Even in the busy, hectic days of summer always remember to take time for you and The Lord to communicate. Even just 2 or 3 minutes can make a difference and keep you on track. 

Dominique, 24.  Take a lot of pictures, go camping, and spend time with God in nature. I would journal about what I see.

Making Your Summer Purposeful.

Donna, 48.  Do a random act of kindness during each summer outing, such as paying for someone's ice cream cone, giving a flower to the first five people you meet, or simply smiling at the people in line at the water park.

Doris, 44.  Spend time in the Word, seeking diligently to see, hear, and experience the Lord on a daily basis.

Elisa, 29.  Go camping in the backyard!

Emily, 41.  If you have kids, especially boys, watch THE SANDLOT. It’s a great family movie night about summertime fun.

Erika, 38.  Talk with your kids. Really talk to them and get to know their hearts.

Erin, 16.  Sleep and Rest!

Fana, 41.  Take pictures, but don’t spend too much time behind the lens.

Finn, 22.  If you are a mama, don't live behind a phone trying to capture every moment instead enjoy every moment and embrace the gift(s) God has entrusted you with 

Fortunate, 29.  Declare Joshua 1:8 over your life everyday.

Gabrielle, 27. Find and maintain a consistent devotional time with God.  I've notice that when I miss my devotional times, I feel lost.  When I have then I feel enriched and fulfilled.  

Living a Purposeful Summer

Genoveve, 47. Let the kids stay up past their bedtime every once in a while. They will be thrilled!

Gertruida, 43. Strive to be more like Jesus - sharing love with my fellow Christians.

Grace, 54. On those rainy summer days, the kids and I used to go to to the library and have a fun day picking out books together.

Grace-Ann, 31.  Make popsicles with the kids.

Heather, 30.  Be present in the time that you are in.

Hilary, 24.  While it's so bright and hot outside, why don't we too burn bright, but burn bright for the Lord


Hindy, 34.  Don’t forget about the ONE who gave you life as you create a life.

Jasmine, 19. Take time to be present with God this summer. Let God overwhelm you with joy and peace."

Jane, 55.  Go to church. Don’t take a break from meeting weekly with your church family.

Jennie, 58.  To be present in every single moment; to enjoy the smells of the season.  To take some time to hear from the Lord every single day and rest in God.

Living a Purposeful Summer

Jennie, 32.  Try a new hobby. Summer is the perfect time to start something new.

Jessica, 32. Embrace each new day with a fresh attitude of gratitude, grace, and compassion for yourself and those you may encounter. 

Jessica, 26. Don’t work so hard. 

Jill, 54.  Volunteer at a VBS or in a church ministry. You may find gifts you never thought you had.

Joanne, 61.  Enjoy outside adventures in the beauty of God’s creation. Enjoy quiet inside actives, including reflections on God’s goodness.

Kara Beth, 33.  Be spontaneous! Don’t be so scheduled down with to-do’s that you forget the joy of flying by the seat of your pants!

Karen, 59.  Stay in the Word!

Kate, 31. Play Marco Polo with your kids and spouse. It is the best fun you will have!

Kathy, 55.  Remember that every day is the day the Lord has made, so let's rejoice and be glad in it.

Kaylan, 25. This summer, focus on finding your delight in the Lord, make that your mission. "Delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart."

Living a Purposeful Summer.

Kelly-Beth, 30. Go on a road trip! It doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. But go on a road trip and explore our country!

Kim, 23. Run through sprinklers, catch lightening bugs, build sandcastles, and splash in the pool!

Kimberly, 38. Take the time to relax and enjoy life.

Kris, 66.  Be thankful for the gifts before you and enjoy every day to the fullest as you feel the warmth of the sun!

Laura, 26.  Have a schedule!! Set each day with a plan, and don't waste any time.

Lauren, 32.  Remember, "The joy of the Lord is your strength."

Leslie, 21. Put all plans in God's hands.

Lillian, 43. Keep going to the Lord to renew your strength, and to keep your cool while the kids are out having fun in the sun.

Linda, 48.  It is okay to say NO. Say no to parties, dates, events, to-do’s that burden your heart. Say YES to whatever lifts you up.

Lindsey, 42.  Do a family devotional over breakfast each morning. With the kids home it’s the perfect time to be in the Word together.


Lisa, 41.  Redecorate the house! On a rainy day, I love to rearrange rooms, change furniture around, and redecorate using what I already have.

Livania, 25. Go fishing! So many lessons can be learned from just going fishing!

Lori, 43.  Pray in the early morning and then take a deep breath all day long!

Lori, 52.  Enjoy the sun and the warmth it brings. Get out and enjoy God’s Creation.

Lucy, 61.  Don’t forget the Jesus.

Mary Beth, 46.  Enjoy the little things because sometimes they are the big things. Take a walk and try to notice the little things. Live in the moment

Nancy, 37.  Get the kids up before dawn, go to the beach, and watch the sunrise.

Paula, 62.  Everyday, plan/schedule to get outside and have your quiet time, appreciating God's creation, praying for those you see around you, and enjoying the side benefit of some good Vitamin D from the sun! 

Paula, 62.  Whatever you’re summer brings, remember that God the Father is always with you.

Penny, 53. Spend as much time having fun with your children as possible.

Living a Purposeful Summer

Petra, 37. Go to the beach and actually PLAY! Don’t sit with your head in a book the whole time. PLAY!

Rhonda, 61. Sweet Friend . . . . SLOW DOWN!

Ria, 28. Plant a small garden and watch it come to life.

Rosaria, 47. Keep a summer scrapbook. Have your kiddos journal each week and put their summer memories in the scrapbook.

Samanatha, 29. As a homeschool Mom, I make each little weekend trip or vacation an opportunity to learn. We try to visit a lot of historical sites during the summer to include in our schooling.

Sanae, 35. To make the summer PURPOSEFUL, I recommend a list or a journal of to-do's with ideas that I want to accomplish with my family, and to make it MEMORABLE.

Sarah, 25. Make the most of these longer summer days to praise God for His beautiful creation.

Shauna, 36. God has to be in control! Take the time to regroup and focus on Him during the quite times. 

Shawn, 47. Give more of myself to my kids. My full undivided attention, my time, creating memories. Not be so concerned about how I look, take the picture, wear the swimsuit, just have fun with them. 

Stacey, 18. Spend time with my parents before my first year of college.

Living a Purposeful Summer

Stephanie, 24. Be in the Word, keep your eyes on the Lord, and challenge yourself to do new things.

Suanne, 60. Let JOY shine through you by sharing smiles, compliments, a helping hand, and words of encouragement. The Joy you shine out will change lives and come right back at you.

Summer, 24. Color! Play! Be a kid again.

Suzanne, 41. Treat your Pastor and his wife to lunch or dinner to thank them for all they do for you.

Tammi, 53. As life begins to spin with all the busyness of summer, don't let the storm overtake you. Remember to take five mins with the Master so He can calm the daily storms.  

Tabitha, 36. Don’t forget to go on dates with your husband!

Taylor, 21. Be free, soaring on the wings of our sweet Jesus, who has a plan for you! 

Tedi, 65. Being both a parents of adult children & a grandmother, I find spending quality time with the family is a very important & rewarding time. I try to BE an example of my beliefs by showing God's love through all I do, making memories for all of us.

Tasha, 45.  Show up and be your fullest by totally surrendering to and trusting that God has in "this summer season”.  He can use you in ways you never imagined if you just show up and say yes to His peaceful, divine appointments.

Tiffany, 18. The best way to have a purposeful and memorable summer is to make God the center of it and to accomplish what He calls you to do even if it's out of your comfort zone or if it seems hard.

Living a Purposeful Life.

Tina, 41. Pack a picnic, find a new spot, and talk with your family. No electronics allowed!

Toni, 31.  Find a summer bucket list on Pinterest and try to do as many of the ideas as possible.

Tonia, 33. Go to a state fair, chase down the ice cream truck, remember when you were a kid.

Valerie, 31. Study a book of the Bible that you haven’t spent much time in.

Veronica, 48. Visit an ice cream parlor and talk to your family. Hear them (With no phones.)

Vickie, 56.  Summer always seems to go by so quickly. Be faithful. Don't take a vacation from God!

Wanda, 70. Don’t let life pass you by. It goes too fast.

Yolanda, 53. Be happy, sister.

Zinnia, 26. Give of yourself for someone else.

I hope and pray that you have been encouraged as you've read over 100 Women's words of wisdom and encouragement. I am so excited to make this our BEST SUMMER EVER! Thank you all for sharing your wisdom. 

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HAPPY SUMMER, Dear Sisters!

Keep Flying Felicity Bee