30 Summertime Questions To Ask Your Kids to Get To Know Their Heart

Summer time is here. The kids our out of school. The days of pool dates, sandy beaches, popsicles, and bathing suits drying on the porch have awoken after a long winter and spring. 

30 Summertime Questions to ask your kids to get to know their hearts! Enjoy these conversation starts to get your kiddos talking this summer!

As parents, there is no better time to truly get to know the heart of your child(ren). My son Asher is seven, and everyday he changes. Every single day his mind is growing, his opinions are forming, and his imagination is running wild. 

Last summer, I asked Asher what he wanted to be when he grew up. He told me a police officer. I have spent the whole year thinking my son’s dream was to wear a blue uniform and a badge. On the last day of homeschool this year, I asked him what he wanted to be; thinking he would say police officer. He surprised me and said an animal rescuer. He wanted to save animals that were hurt in the wild, rehabilitate them, and let them free full of health. 

When asked when he changed his mind from being a cop, he said, “A long time ago, Mom”. 

I had no idea. 

I know it is impossible to keep up with their every whim, every change of mood, and every princess, police officer, teacher, nurse, soldier, fire-fighter fantasy . . . but we can always learn what it is on our child's heart to get to know them even better than we do.

Asher and I love conversation starters. He loves when I ask him a series of questions. He loves the undivided attention, and the fact that I really care what he thinks. We often will go on for hours just talking and hearing each others hearts and thoughts. 

A few months ago, I wrote a post called 30 Questions to Ask Your Kids and it has become one of the most popular posts on this blog. So I want to introduce another 30 Quetsions - different from the previous ones - to help you get to know your kiddos this summer.

Make it a date. Go to the beach or a favorite summer place. Bring a lunch, your questions, and have a blast discovering what sweet thoughts are hidden in the hearts of your babies. 


  CLICK HERE  to download your Summertime Conversation Starters.

CLICK HERE to download your Summertime Conversation Starters.

The Felicity Bee