A Letter To My Son As He Enters First Grade.

My Dearest Boy,

You are soon going to be seven years old and you are about to enter the first grade. Where did the time go, buddy? 

Just yesterday the doctor’s were running me in for an emergency c-section. You didn’t want to wait any longer to greet the world.

Just yesterday you would lay on my chest and fall into sweet sleep.

Just yesterday you were crawling around exploring the world and taking your first steps as you learned to say Momma.

Just yesterday. 

First Grade
Asher at 8 months

Do you know what a gift you are? 

Do you know what a miracle you are? 

Do you know what a great purpose you have? 

Do you know you are chosen for Greatness?

Do you know how much you’ve changed my life, buddy? You are the reason I live, the reason I work so hard, and the reason I get up each new day. 

We start school this week and I am a nervous wreck. First grade is no joke and I am entrusted to be your teacher. You and me buddy. 


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I am worried I won’t be able to teach you all that you need to know. I am nervous that I will lose my patience on those cold, winter mornings when we just want to stay in bed.

I want to be the best teacher in the world for you, my son. You are so smart and I want to give you all the knowledge I possibly can in the short time you are under my roof.


* I know you think learning to read is scary. It is always scary jumping into the unknown, but you will get along just fine. Learning to read is one of those lessons that prepare us for life. Embrace what is scary in your life, buddy, because the greatest lessons come when you conquer your fears.

* I know that math can seem like a huge obstacle. Math is just one of those things you love or hate. I think you will love it. Obstacles will come, buddy, oh will they ever come. And just like math, you can fight and scream and kick your way through them. Or you can embrace them as another chance to grow. Don’t fight the obstacles, son, because sooner or later, you will have to get over them.

* I know that you love space and science. I hope to do a lot of experiments with you this year and I hope that you learn to fall in love with the world God created for you. That’s right buddy, He created all of this for you, because He loves you so very much.

* I know you are not excited to start school. You’d rather play, and swim, and have no responsibilities. That is fun for a little while, but eventually, you have to face your responsibilities. School is the biggest responsibility you have right now, buddy.  How you start our first day will determine our whole year. So let’s start with a smile on our face and a joy in our heart to learn together. Let’s face this responsibility with enthusiasm instead of complaining.

You are becoming such a wonderful boy, Buddy.

You are kind-hearted, you are loving, you are peaceful, and you are so obedient. But the thing about you that lights up a room is your joy. Oh, your joy and happiness are infectious. You light up a room when you are in it. Your laugh, your smile, your sense of humor . . . can be distinctly described as “Only Asher”. 

You have been my joy, My Son. You have been my strength. In my darkest days, your six-year-old little self gave me hope. In my darkest moments, your laughter is what I woke up for every day. In my saddest days, you were my smile.

Erika Michelle


You have changed my life, Buddy. You have revolutionized my world. You have given me hope.

You have a purpose. You have a calling from God on your life. You have an assignment you have to complete while on this earth. You have been created to be a blessing.

As we go into first grade remember that we will have some bigger responsibilities and there will be a few changes. 

* You have to learn to read, there is no way around that one, buddy. 

* We have to learn to tie our shoes. You can’t wear sandals your whole life.

* There is more to eat for breakfast than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and more to eat for lunch than chicken. 

* Star Wars is not one of our school subjects. I am sorry to break that to you.

* Neither is Pokemon, The Avengers, or Minecraft.

* Momma is not the only person you can learn from. There are so many wonderful adults in your life that can teach you things that I can’t. Take their lessons and learn from them too.

* You are talented and smart and stop saying you aren’t! You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

This is our year, buddy. Our year to hit first grade out of the park. I am honored to be your teacher and I promise you I will do my very best. I love you, my son. Keep smiling, Momma.