Inscribe the Word . . . December Scripture Writing Plan

Jesus is Born!

We come together this month to worship the newborn King; rejoicing in His birth. December is a wonderful month to reflect on the birth of Jesus and the events surrounding the day that changed our lives.

Last year, we Inscribed THE NAMES OF JESUS. This year, I wanted to focus on the events surrounding the birth of Christ. Not only those found in the New Testament, but also the prophesies of his birth found in the Old Testament.


As you Inscribe the Word this month, ask yourself a few questions . . . .

  • How did Isaiah feel when the Lord told him a "virgin shall conceive"? 
  • What did Micah think when he was told that out of little, tiny, nothing-special Bethlehem, the Messiah would come?
  • How did Elizabeth feel when her baby leaped in her womb at the site of the Messiah's earthly mother?
  • What were the shepherds thinking when God chose the simplicity of these humble servants to announce the birth of The Great Shepherd?
  • And could Mary and Joseph possibly conceive their role in salvations story?

Such magnificence is found in these chapters and verses. I hope that you embrace the words. I pray that the story of Christ's birth becomes so much more than a "Sunday-School Lesson". I pray it becomes the cornerstone to this season and beyond.

I have so enjoyed INSCRIBING THE WORD with you this year. I know that the words you wrote on paper have also been written on the tablet of your heart. I pray that you have deepened your relationship with Jesus through these plans.

I created a PDF E-Book for you that contains 18 of our plans in ONE CONVENIENT place. It makes a wonderful gift for a friend, family member, or student.  You can find the new E-Book HERE

Many blessings to you. I can't wait to INSCRIBE THE WORD with you in 2018!

  CLICK HERE  to download your December Scripture Writing Plan.

CLICK HERE to download your December Scripture Writing Plan.