Inscribe the Word KIDS! . . . December Scripture Writing Plan.


When I was a little girl, I attended a Christian school. Every year, I competed for an award called the 2 Timothy Award. Each month, we were given a passage of Scripture for our devotion in the morning. If we memorized all of the passages of Scripture throughout the year, we won the 2 Timothy Award. 

The month of December was my favorite month because we memorized Luke 2 as we focused on the birth of Christ. To this day, I can still recite Luke 2 because of the Biblical foundation laid in my life at a young age.

I encourage you to instill a love of the Scriptures in your children. There is no better time to start then during the season of Christmas. The greatest gift I can give my son is a hunger for the Scriptures, and a relationship with the Lord. 

Last year, we Inscribed THE NAMES OF JESUS. This year, I wanted to focus on the events surrounding the birth of Christ. Not only those found in the New Testament, but also the prophesies of his birth found in the Old Testament.

Such magnificence is found in these chapters and verses. I hope that your children embrace the words. I pray that the story of Christ's birth becomes so much more than a "Sunday-School Lesson". I pray it becomes the cornerstone to this season and beyond.

I have so enjoyed INSCRIBING THE WORD with you and your families this year. I know that the words you wrote on paper have also been written on the tablet of your heart. I pray that you have deepened your relationship with Jesus through these plans, and I look forward to Inscribing the Word with you in 2018. 

  CLICK HERE  to download your Scripture Writing Plan.

CLICK HERE to download your Scripture Writing Plan.