Inscribe the Word KIDS! . . . July Scripture Writing Plan.

Inscribe the Word Scripture Writing plan for kids June 2017

Last month, our children studied THE POWER OF PRAISE during their Scripture Writing time. This month, we are studying WORSHIP!

Many times, we lump praise and worship into the same category. But it is important for our children to know that praise and worship are different.

Worship leader and writer Judson Cornwall said in his book LET US WORSHIP,

Praise prepares us for worship"; it is a "prelude to worship." Praise is not an attempt to get something from God; it is a ministry that we offer to God. We offer praise for what God has done— for God's mighty deeds in history and continued providential presence in our lives.

While we praise God for what he has done, we worship God for who he is. Praise begins by applauding God's power, but it often brings us close enough to God that worship can respond to God's presence. (p. 146 of Let Us Worship)

This month, I pray that our children inscribe Worship, and I pray that they learn to enter his gates with thanksgiving and praise, and enter His heart with worship!

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The Felicity Bee