Inscribe the Word KIDS! . . . June Scripture Writing Plan.

Inscribe the Word Scripture Writing plan for kids June 2017

As a parent, there is no greater gift that I can give my child than a hunger and understanding of the Word of God. I was reminded the other day, during Asher's playtime, that the Word is "sticking", and in moments of "real life", I pray that the words of the Lord bubble up in his spirit as freely as they did during playtime.

Asher and I have been Inscribing the Word all school year. We make this daily meditation part of our homeschool curriculum. With summer knocking on the door, I want to be sure to continue Inscribing the Word with my son. We are making it a point to write our Scriptures together each morning before the summer festivities are underway. 

I pray that this summer, you and your babies join us as we inscribe THE POWER OF PRAISE.

Praise and Worship have been an integral part of my story. I shared a bit of my testimony over on the Inscribe the Word Adult plan (HERE). Even our children can learn, at any age, that praise can lift us out of any mood, tantrum, or fit. Often times, when Asher is in a foul mood, I tell him to go in his room and listen to praise music (Jesus music) as he calls it. He takes ten minutes of quietly listening, and often comes out a much happier boy.

This month as our children inscribe The Power of Praise, I hope that it will focus our children on the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. All of our praise must be centered on Him. He descended from him (Judah) whose name was praise for He is our praise. - Matthew Henry.

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The Felicity Bee