Inscribe the Word KIDS! . . . May Scripture Writing Plan.

The other day, Asher was playing an imaginary game of Star Wars. He was a Jedi and was fighting the imaginary "bad guys". (Please forgive my lack of Star Wars knowledge, and my shame in having no idea the names of the characters he was imagining! 😊)

He was playing for about thirty minutes, and I said to him, "Asher, enough of the fighting! I don't want to hear anymore about the bad guys." He looked at me and said, "Don't worry, Momma. I am still on Jesus' side. He is still the ultimate good guy. I'm playing on Jesus' side and we are defeating the bad guys. Stop worrying, Momma." Then he proceeded to remind me of David and Goliath and how David and God together defeated the bad guy!  . . . Out of the mouth of babes!

As a parent, there is no greater gift that I can give my child than a hunger and understanding of the Word of God. I was reminded the other day, during Asher's playtime, that the Word is "sticking", and in moments of "real life", I pray that the words of the Lord bubble up in his spirit as freely as they did during playtime.

Inscribe the Word for KIDS

This month, we will be Inscribing Psalm 119. Psalm 119 is such a powerful psalm. It is the longest chapter in the Bible and the longest book of Psalms. The theme of Psalms 119 is undoubtedly The Word of God. Practically every verse or stanza speaks of God’s Word and it’s importance in our lives.

It is so important for me to give my son a firm foundation in the Word of God. Psalm 119 is the perfect Psalm to focus on the power, authority, guidance, and direction that the Word and the Author give. 

You can read an indepth overview of Psalm 119 HERE along with the Adult Inscribe the Word plan.

This month as our children inscribe verses from Psalm 119, I hope they fall deeper in love with the Author of the Word. I pray that their little hearts are ignited to hunger after the Word of God, and I pray that they are filled with a deeper love of the Word of God and the Author of the words. 


 To download your INSCRIBE THE WORD for KIDS,  CLICK HERE.


The Felicity Bee