Inscribe the Word KIDS! . . . September Scripture Writing Plan

Happy September, dear Friends.

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This month, our household is changing quite a bit. Steven and I are getting married which means that Asher will have a "Papa Steve" living with us now. I am so blessed that Asher's father, Steven and I are good friends so I am not worried about the transition for Asher. He is so excited about our wedding, marriage, and life together as a new family.

But there is still a season of transition, and I want Asher to understand that "Papa Steve", his father, and I love him and are doing the very best to assure he has an abundant life. While our family may not look like other families, it works for us, and I have seen God's goodness, grace, and redemption through our story.

With the transition coming to our family, I thought it would be a good idea to dig into the Word and find out what God has said about children and family. I want Asher to know that God has a design for children within a family, and a family within God's church body.

We are homeschooling again this year. Second Grade! And we will be using Inscribe the Word as part of our Bible and Handwriting Curriculum. 

This month, our adults are inscribing marriage & love while our children Inscribe FAMILY and what a godly family looks like.

I pray you will join us this month as our children INSCRIBE FAMILY.


CLICK HERE to download your Inscribe the Word plan.

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