Inscribe the Word KIDS! . . . November Scripture Writing Plan

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Happy November!

Last year, our November Scripture Writing plan for kids focused on Thanksgiving and Gratitude. This year, I went through the Bible and found heroes that actually gave thanks and praise to God. These amazing men and women acknowledged the Lord for all He had done in their lives.

Their thanks often came in forms of praise and worship. Thanksgiving so often takes the form of a song, doesn't it? When there is just so much to thank God for, sometimes all we can do is burst out in song for the good things He has done. 

These men and women are heroes of the Word, but they are also just normal human beings just like us. (Outside of Jesus who was God and man.) The thing about our Bible Heroes is that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. This month, let us take a look at these ordinary men and women who thanked God for giving, saving, delivering, and providing.

I write a detailed post on each of the heroes we are covering this month in our adult plan. I pray that you are able to go through these Bible heroes with your children as you Inscribe the Word with your kiddos this November.


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