Organizing Your Home for the Glory of God.

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Do you know you can organize your home for the Glory of God? Sounds silly, doesn't it? But it is true.  Your home is an outward reflection of your heart.

As a child, my mother instilled in us that "a messy home is indicative of a messy mind.”. I still believe this today. I can look back on seasons of life, and see that there have been times where my house is a cluttered mess, my car is a cluttered mess, and my office had piles of paper everywhere. I can look back at those times and realize that that disorganization was an outward reflection of what was going on inside of me. 

Organize Your Home



Taking care of your home is not a Martha Stewart ideal to follow or a Pinterest-perfect goal to reach. If we hold ourselves to a phony Martha Stewart standard, we will fail. But if we take care of our homes for the glory of God, we will be fulfilled.

Proverbs 31:27 says that the Virtuous Woman looks well to the ways of her household. She isn’t lazy. She takes care of her home. Titus 2:3-5 tells the older women of the church to admonish the young ladies to take care of their homes and become good homemakers.

I am not a big collector. Not because I am trying to be ultra-spiritual in my home, I just don’t like collecting things.  I keep my home very tidy, and free of clutter. I understand that people have emotional attachments to objects, but for me personally, I have a very few items I hold onto that hold emotions. I understand that people enjoy collecting knick-knacks, I'm just not one of them. 

When my home is cluttered and messy, I can only think about the clutter. I cannot focus on my family, the Lord, my work . . . anything. I am just focused on the mess. The Bible tells us to “Set your mind on things above . . . “ (Colossians 3:2). For me, I can’t set my mind on things above, when I’m looking down at the mess around me. 


When I first had my son, I was getting used to being a mom to a newborn, and cleaning my kitchen sink wasn't top priority. Today, I work sixteen hour days (sometimes more) and dusting my baseboards are not on my daily to-do list. 

My point is that there are seasons of life when de-cluttering or organizing your home isn't a priority. So give yourself grace. If the dishes are overflowing in the sink, but your child wants to play Barbie dolls, go play and do the dishes later. If you are vacuuming and your husband wants to give you a hug and kiss, turn off the vacuum and embrace your honey. If you forget to put the dishwasher on . . . it is okay. Do it later in the day.

So always put your family first, put your health first, but work at glorifying your home for the glory of Jesus.


Organizing your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. There are some amazing sites out there that can give you direction in organizing your home. I’ve linked a few of them at the end of this post.

But here are some ways that I organize my home to give God glory in all I do.


Baskets make an excellent storage solution. I have them in my living room holding extra pillows and blankets. Under my bathroom sink, they hold hair supplies, and nail polishes. My son has a beautiful basket for all of his stuffed animals. They are a chic, and inexpensive to organize your home. Photo Credit HOBBY LOBBY.

Click here for a few of the baskets I use for storage. 


We can thank Chip and Joanna of Fixer Upper for the whole farmhouse feel. I absolutely love it. I love the quaint, warm feeling the farmhouse look gives. Galvanized storage is all the rage now thanks to Fixer Upper. It's a great way to bring that shabby chic farmhouse look without spending tons of money. Photo Credit HOBBY LOBBY.

Here is a great idea for a picnic caddy or planter set and a fantastic wood handled caddy.


Glass canisters are a classy way of organizing makeup products, craft supplies, kids arts and crafts, and so many other things. Flour, sugar, and spices can all be stored in glass containers. I personally make my own essential oil creams and scrubs and use glass containers to store them. Photo Credit HOBBY LOBBY.

This set of canisters come with adorable chalkboard labels! These are a dozen small jars for organizing any number of things in your home. 


Three tier tray stands are my new favorite thing! I use them in the kitchen for fruit and veggies. You can use them in your sewing area to store sewing supplies. I've used them in my home office to organize my desk. I just love how quaint they look! Photo Credit HOBBY LOBBY.

This wooden stand is absolutely beautiful and affordable. There are also a lot of galvanized storage trays out there to go along with the farmhouse feel. 


Shelf and Basket Combo's are a beautiful way to display some of your collections while also organizing your home. We use them in our beathroom to store hand towels, toilet paper, and beauty products. They are so cute, and are so popular in home decor right now.  Photo Credit HOBBY LOBBY.

This set of wire baskets are absolutely perfect to organize your home. This larger shelf set would be perfect for a mudroom or entrance way to store keys, jackets, etc.


If you want to take your organizing a step further, these ladies have it down to a science. I have learned so much from each of their sites about keeping a clean and organized home. 

I Heart Organizing Jen is an organizing expert who offers a  range of printables available that will streamline your life.

Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons has so much to offer when it comes to cleaning and organizing. Her site is so cute and friendly. 

Sarah at Organized with Kids has a super-friendly site about organizing life with kids. 

I hope this post has encouraged you to organize and de-clutter your home so that you can give glory to God in all things! Take it step by step, little by little, and your home will be organized, neat, and tidy in no time!

The Felicity Bee