The Queen's Circle

The Queen's Circle launches on Wednesday, June 20!

Join us for SEVEN days of Gifts and Giveaways starting on Wednesday, June 14. Ebooks, printable, music, workbooks, and more are heading your way! 

Ready to Deepen your Relationship with Jesus?

Join Erika Michelle from The Felicity Bee and experience a deeper relationship with Jesus as you learn to rule and reign in life.


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You want to study the Word but you just can't seem to find the time.
  • You open your Bible to study and you don't know where to start.
  • You long to worship in Spirit and in Truth, but what does that mean anyway.
  • You want to "win" at life, but the stress of the "every-day" makes you want to give up and settle.
  • You want to be The Proverbs 31 Woman, but wonder what that looks like in today's world.
The Queen's Circle

Be the first to hear of our launch and receive a Free 22 page           E-Book "How to Thrive in Life: Lessons From the Bee" plus receive SEVEN days of FREE GIFTS starting on Wednesday, June 14!

The Queen's Circle
The Queen's Circle

Monthly Bible Studies.

It's our time together each month to open the Word and study the Scriptures in a fresh & new way. Each month, you’ll have access to an exclusive video Bible Study with me. We will take a passage of Scripture and I will guide you through how to take notes, draw connections, and apply the passage to your every day life. It is a Bible Study for those who want to rule and reign in life. Bring your Bible, your journal, and we will unlock the mysteries of the Scripture together through these series of videos.

The Queen's Circle

Monthly Worship Sessions

As a worship leader, my heart's desire is to see the name of Jesus lifted high on the sounds of our worship. Each month you will have access to a worship session with me. For thirty minutes (or however long the Lord leads), you can worship along with me as we draw near to Jesus. Some of the music is original, written by me! Listen in the car, while cleaning the house, or in your private time with the Lord. These worship videos are designed to lead you in worship and into a deeper relationship with The Chief Musician.

Mentoring with Erika Michelle.

What does it mean to rule and reign in life? How do we balance work, family, spouses, children, and have fun doing it? I have years of experience running businesses, working in church ministry, and balancing family, work, children, and homeschooling.  I want to give you tangible tools to successfully navigate through your life. Each month, you’ll have access to mentorship with me via live video calls. Bring a notebook, an open heart, and your questions. Miss the call? No worries – you can view the replay!

The Queen's Circle

The Queen's Circle

Follow Up PDF's

These PDF's are designed to get you thinking and connecting on a deeper level with guided questions that go along with the monthly Bible Studies.

Supportive Community. 

Get advice, feedback, motivation and support from an active community of sisters in the Lord who will keep you on track, encouraged, and motivated. It's a Private Facebook Group for The Queen's Circle!

The Queen's Circle

Felicity Bee

Exclusive Resources

Receive access to a selection of exclusive member-only tools, printables, downloads, checklists and more - plus receive special perks & discounts at The Felicity Bee Shop!



The Queen's Circle

Be the first to hear of our launch and receive a Free 22 page           E-Book "How to Thrive in Life: Lessons From the Bee".